Novel Wastewater Treatment System In Lagoons - Development Of Activated Sludge Treatment System In Existing Or New Lagoons

A conventional wastewater lagoon may include one to four anaerobic cells, a facultative cell and a storage cell. Very small lagoons may contain only two or one cell to function as an anaerobic and facultative/storage cell or anaerobic/facultative/storage cell respectively. If a lagoon treatment system includes two or more anaerobic cells, one or two anaerobic cells can be converted to activated sludge treatment system which has much higher treatment efficiency than the conventional lagoon or a conventional aerated lagoon treatment system. If a lagoon treatment system includes only one or no anaerobic cells, an activated sludge treatment system can be developed in a part of an existing/storage cell.

In no case, additional land will be required to develop activated sludge treatment system in existing lagoon.

The activated sludge treatment system employs a novel aeration system which includes an aeration pumping station and perforated pipe system developed in existing lagoon. Air blowers and air diffusers are not used. The aeration pumping system employs a conventional wastewater pumps and air aspirator-mixers. The system is treatment performance and energy efficient and low maintenance costs.

Examples of Novel Wastewater Treatment System In Lagoons: