Lake/Pond Odour And Algae Control

Odour Control System

Odour in lakes and man-made ponds is caused by anaerobic decomposition of decaying organic matter and algae.

Odour can effectively be controlled by the lake/pond water aeration continuously or intermittently.

The system developed by J.K. Engineering Ltd consists of an aeration pumping station located near the lake/pond and underwater PVC or PE distribution pipes of aerated water and air. The distribution pipes are placed at the bottom of the lake/pond at the opposite end from the lake/pond water intake pipes. Thus, aerated water is circulated throughout the lake/pond continuously or intermittently, as required.

The aeration pump station includes a water pump and an air aspirator mixer which aspires air into the water supplied by the pump. The water and air mix in the air aspirator-mixer and in the discharge pipes placed at the lake/pond bottom. The water and air are discharged through perforated pipes into the lake/pond at various locations, depending on the lake/pond configuration. Similarly, the water intake is from various locations of the lake/pond at the opposite side from the discharge pipes. The water turnover in the lake/pond can be from 10 to 30 days depending on the lake/pond size and odour problem.

Odour and Algae Control System

In cases, where alage is the main contributor to an odour problem, aeration system alone will not be entirely effective to control the odour. In such cases, aeration and ozonation system will control algae growth and odour problems.

The aeration and ozonation system consists of a pumping tank similar to that one outlined for the Odour Control System and ozonation tank where water mixes with ozonated air. Ozonation is also an effective aeration system. Thus, water is ozonated and aerated and ozone effectively controls the algae growth and eliminates odour along with aeration.

The ozonated and aerated piping distribution in the lake/pond is similar to that outlined for the Odour Control System.

The ozone generators used are vacuum type, wall or rack mounted with power consumption between 0.70 – 2.30 kW. The aeration pumps are centrifugal, high efficiency, dry pit pumps, one or three phase power, as required, 5.6 – 14.5 kW.

Examples of the system: